2019 WSBL
全新 WSBL Logo 由代表女性運動員的「W」作為主要造型,並由五個代表性元素所組成,包含了花、錦旗、籃球、籃框跟籃網,其中最特別的便是花的元素,整體造型上希望能夠展現出簡單大方的女力,所以主元素必須是有力量的花而不是溫柔的花,於是我們採用了鳶尾花,透過鳶尾花所代表的勝利、熱情做為 WSBL 的象徵精神,並融入其他籃球相關元素打造出具品牌化、國際化的 WSBL 賽事形象。
從 Logo 開始我們希望創造出一個完整的賽事品牌,所以從賽事現場的專業氛圍營造、週邊商品的開發、到行銷宣傳的完整一致性等,希望能夠透過這套識別系統提高大家對女性運動賽事的關注!
The new WSBL (Women's Super Basketball League) Logo is based on the letter "W" to represent female basketball players. It is composed of five key elements, flower, pennant, basketball, basket, and nets. Above all, the most special one is the flower. To echo with the "Girl Power" concept, the choice of flower should be a powerful instead of a gentle one. Thus, we adopted the Iris, which represents the meaning of victory and passion, as the symbolic icon of WSBL with the global and branding point of view to create the WSBL brand image.
To start from the logo design to arena decorations, league merchandise, and marketing event visuals. Through this new WSBL visual identity system, we hope to create an all-around sports brand that can improve the awareness of women athletes' games in Taiwan.
Client:中華民國籃球協會 CTBA
Agency:展逸國際行銷 Flight International Marketing
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Art Direction:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V/歐朮設計 OSOO Design
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Manager:林思妤 Sandy Lin
Designer:陳裕元 Curtis Chen (OSOO)/吳孟寰 Evan Wu (OSOO) ​​​​​​​
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