透過參與 Nike 6th MAN 的應援設計,希望藉由台灣男籃主場備戰 2019 FIBA 世界盃籃球亞太區資格賽的機會,號召全國球迷。以賽事應援上常用的泡綿手指為主體,與代表「6」的手勢結合,串聯起「每個觀眾都是場上第六人」的概念,同時這個手勢也代表了「約定」的含義,象徵球迷和球員達成一起並肩作戰、捍衛主場的約定。
球迷一直以來都是構成體育文化最重要及有趣的環節之一,也是這次沛肯參與 Nike 台灣男籃國家隊應援設計的重點,同時賦予口號 Together We Stand 更深的意義。希望可以跳脫過去手法,用令人印象深刻的手勢促成球迷之間的認同和風潮,增進場內場外每個球迷的向心力。
The hunger to win for each national team player comes from not only the patriotic heart but also the roaring cheers from the fans.
By working with Nike Taiwan for the "Chinese Taipei National Team's 6th MAN" fan gear design, we took the foam fingers, which have been commonly used as a cheering item to show support for a team, as the primary platform in this campaign. This unique foam finger gesture symbolized the number "6" in Taiwan, which represents the concept of "each fan is the sixth man on the court." It also serves the meaning of "appointment" that symbolized the agreement between fans and players to fight side by side to defend our home court during the 2019 FIBA world cup qualification games.
Fans have always been one of the most important and exciting aspects of sports culture. Therefore, in this project, Plugin B&V gives a deeper meaning to the slogan "Together We Stand" of Nike Chinese Taipei Men's National Basketball Team by integrating an impressive and exciting gesture to promote the recognition, and to enhance the internal cohesion among the fans on and off the court.
Client:必爾斯藍基股份有限公司 Nike Taiwan
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Manager:林思妤 Sandy Lin
Designer:賴殷偉 Ray Lai/林瑋恩 Weien Lim​​​​​​
Motion Graphic Design:MixCode Studio
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