KNCKFF 是由一群熱愛球鞋文化的同好所創立,團隊成員多來自運動品牌及球鞋產業,深知球鞋市場中消費者重視文化傳遞與價值交流,而安全和信任感亦是影響市場交易的重要因素,也由此創立了這個以「信任感」為核心價值的專業球鞋網路交易平台。
KNCKFF 名稱來自於將 KNOCK OFF 去除兩個母音 O 之後,以縮寫形式成為現今的品牌名。品牌標誌靈感源於 KNCKFF 提供「認證」、「鑑定」與「買賣循環」的核心服務,在風格設定上大膽跳脫對運動品牌的想像,轉以核心服務概念出發,創造出具有獨特氣質的標誌。標誌元素以盾形徽章為主體,代表透過認證為買賣雙方把關的專業角色,由兩個英文字母 O 所組成的眼鏡則強調 KNCKFF 的鑑定機制與檢驗流程為消費者提供安心的買賣服務。眼鏡與徽章構成人臉造型,希望讓消費者即便在網路上購物,也能夠感受到 KNCKFF 以人為出發,重視買賣雙方以互信為基礎的服務模式。
KNCKFF is founded by a group of sneakers enthusiasts. Most of the team members have backgrounds in sports brands or they come from the sneaker industry. Knowing that the consumers value culture exchange and that security and trust are the two major components when it comes to purchasing sneakers, they founded KNCKFF, an online sneaker reselling platform built on trust. 
KNCKFF is an abbreviation of “Knock Off,” but without the two O’s. The logo is inspired by the brand’s core services: certification, authentication, and a seamless transaction cycle. The design style breaks away from the stereotypical image of sports brands, rather it focuses on communicating the brand services through a unique logo. The shield being the primary element of the logo is to strengthen the professional image of KNCKFF as the certifier between buyer and seller, while the glasses icon formed by two O’s emphasizes the authentication system and the secured transaction offered by KNCKFF. Together, the shield and the glasses icons from into a human face, symbolizing the shopping experience KNCKFF hopes to create for its users - a reliable online e-commerce platform.
Client:台灣娜克阜 KNCKFF Co., Ltd.
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Director:張菊芳 Jil Chang
Designer:丁嘉人 Dean Ting/謝秉融 Pinho Hsieh
                   劉瓵妡 Yixin Liu
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