King of Kings Basketball Challenge - VI
「KOK 万王之王籃球爭霸賽」於 2019 年創立於中國,匯聚了全球籃球精英,為提供籃球人追逐夢想與文化交流的國際籃球殿堂,旨在打造一個由中國出發,立足世界的頂級民間籃球賽事。而沛肯首次與 KOK 攜手合作打造全新賽事品牌,目標以視覺設計賦予籃球風貌的無限可能。
Logo 設計上由帝國旗幟為發想,結合 King 之字首「K」,直覺並大氣的展現出賽事追求王者榮耀之象徵,色彩上也以高貴的金色與品藍色打造出此賽事將成為通往籃球夢想最高殿堂的尊榮感受。透過賽事的品牌化包裝,藉由高強度、高張力的賽事核心,娛樂化、精品化的賽事體驗,企圖打造中國籃球年度慶典大秀,「KOK 万王之王籃球爭霸賽」以成爲亞洲代表性籃球賽事IP為主要發展目標。
King Of Kings Basketball Challenge (KOK) is an international basketball league founded in China in 2019. Bringing in basketball elites from all over the world and providing a stage for all basketball players, KOK is built on the aspiration of taking a basketball tournament founded in China to the world stage. The goal of this partnership with KOK is to create a brand new visual and image to further explore the potential of basketball.
The logo design draws inspiration from imperial flags, combining letter “K” in bold, which represents the glorious status of a champion. A sense of glory and honor is communicated through the use of elegant gold and royal blue colors. Through a well-rounded visual branding strategy and a strong brand appeal, focusing on providing an array of entertaining, high quality tournament experiences, KOK King Of Kings Basketball Challenge aims to establish itself as the ultimate Basketball league in Asia.
Client:上海奋荣体育 Shanghai Fen Rong Sports
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Manager:林思妤 Sandy Lin
Designer:黃英凱 Daviz Huang/吳秉誠 Bing Wu
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