2018 Xiaomi Taiwan Brand Campaign-MY FAMILY
2018 年,小米宣布了針對台灣市場的「MI FAMILY 米家人」全新品牌行銷企劃,並首度公開「為你多想半步」影片。由沛肯主導開創的六個米家人角色,為接下來的整個企劃賦予了全新的生命。
角色行銷與角色策略一直是沛肯擅長的服務內容之一,與小米合作的米家人合理的由核心精神「厚道」所發展出,具膠囊臉型的特色外觀,其設計靈感也來自於小米產品上的橢圓形按鈕,角色以六款小米的主打商品為原型進行開發,透過人物個性設定與產品扣連,希望藉由米家人擔任宣揚小米品牌精神的任務。除角色之外,並開發創角系統於全新的 MI FAMILY 米家人網站中開放網友使用,可以創建全新的米家人圖像,在社群網站中使用與分享。
In 2018, Xiaomi Taiwan announced a new brand marketing campaign, "MI FAMILY," and released a series of "Living better with tech: MI FAMILY is looking out for you" commercials the first time for the Taiwan market. The six MI FAMILY characters created by Plugin B&V gave a whole new definition and life for the campaign.
Character marketing and strategy have always been our specialties. Based on Xiaomi's "kind and honest" core brand spirit, each of the six friendly MI FAMILY members has its personality that reflects Xiaomi's six flagship products. They also share a distinctive appearance of capsule face shape adapted from the oval buttons on Xiaomi's products. We also developed a character generating system on the new MI FAMILY campaign website for everyone to create a MI FAMILY member of their own to share on the social media. Through the connections between characters, products, and the audience, the MI FAMILY has the task of promoting the brand spirit and value for Xiaomi Taiwan.
Client:小米台灣 Xiaomi Taiwan
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Account Director:朱開宇 Jukai
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Manager:張菊芳 Jil Chang
Designer:卓宥杰 Saku Cho/黃英凱 Daviz Huang ​​​​​​​
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