Crown Collection 2020 By VICTOR
第三年為世界球后戴資穎的代言專屬系列 Crown Collection 2020 負責設計,如何更加跳脫過往並堅持系列的一致性是這次的一大挑戰。除了球衣設計更加簡約現代之外,從系列Logo發展出的斜紋元素再度成為第三代的焦點。此次更加大膽的以黑白色調為主軸,搭配夏威夷藍與桃紅配色作為點綴,展現小戴年輕且敢於主張自我的個性。戰袍上的連續斜紋色塊如同小戴在羽球場上輕快、俐落的節奏,每一次的揮拍都能夠切斷對手反擊的希望。 
Crown Collection第三代休閒服有更多元的單品規劃,整體系列的樣貌也更加完整,其中較特別的全新女性專屬運動服飾,以 all print 字母圖騰設計,拼湊出新一代的 Crown Collection。而此次規劃拍攝除挑戰許多小戴不同面貌的展現,更特別安排了男單球星「丹麥金童」Anders Antonsen 一同詮釋,讓全套休閒服形象更加融入至生活之中,增添不同的玩味與想像。
2020 is the third year that Plugin B&V designs for World Badminton Champion Tai Tzu-ying’s Crown Collection. The challenge is to continue the momentum and coincide the collection style but also innovate for better. Apart from its now more contemporary silhouette design, the main visual element of the third season lies in the diagonal stripe pattern, which is inspired by the original collection logo. We opt for a bold color approach this time round, choosing black and white as the main color scheme and highlighting with Hawaii blue and fuchsia, which is an interpretation of Tai Tzu-ying’s youthful and confident personality. The repeating side stripes represent Tai’s rhythm on the court - precise and fast, with every shot crushing the component’s hope in making a comeback.
Crown Collection offers a more dynamic look of its casual wear this third season which includes a brand new women athletic wear product line emblazoned assortments of youthful graphics devoted to wardrobe basics with a nod to playful pattern. The campaign look book portrays the different looks of Tai and we also bring in Danish badminton player Anders Antonsen to join the project, highlighting the seamless blend of casual sports wear and lifestyle references.
Client:勝利體育 Victor Sport
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Director:張菊芳 Jil Chang
Project Assistant:劉瓵妡 Yixin Liu
Designer:賴殷偉 Ray Lai/張菊芳 Jil Chang 
                    劉瓵妡 Yixin Liu
Product Shooting:溫皓軒 Andy Wen
Photography:Chocobie Tsai (WE R THE CATCHER)
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