2020 Fubon Guardians Baseball Season Opening - IT'S TIME 
棒球,是台灣最受歡迎的體育賽事之一,沛肯自富邦悍將成軍以來,共同奮鬥邁入第四個年頭,每年與球隊從行銷主題一起建構全年度的視覺風格,今年呼應球隊季前大動作補強,打出極具侵略性的「It's Time」口號,宣示挑戰總冠軍寶座的強烈決心。 
今年主視覺運用直線將影像與空間重新切割,試圖營造出不同空間與層次的堆疊,再輔以每位球員場上拚戰時的專注神情,打造出全新的視覺氛圍,最後搭配充滿氣勢與勁道的「It's Time」草寫字,就像在跟綠地紅土大喊:「我們準備好接受各種挑戰,是時候了,來吧!」 
周邊商品方面,除了持續「以棒球結合生活」為主軸,今年更帶入「BLUE CREW」理念做為創作元素與精神,企圖加入「家族」的想法,讓球迷們不只是球迷,更像是一家人,如此更加凝聚球迷與球隊間的向心力,並運用潮流元素,開發更融入時下流行的生活單品,讓悍將能夠成為球迷生活的一部份。
Since the founding of Fubon Guardians 4 years ago, Plugin B&V has been working side by side with Fubon, formulating visual guideline every year from the annual marketing goal given. A more aggressive slogan “It’s Time” is used in 2020 to show the ambition and determination of taking home the championship for Fubon Guardians.
The key visual uses thin straight lines to separate images and create different layers within the layout. The concentrated facial expression and game face of each player is being highlighted to enhance the visual intensity. Using a bold brush script font to further illustrate the “bringing the A game” and “ready to take on any challenges” mentality.
We leveraged the unique double screens feature of Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium, integrating videos seamlessly on the two screens. Audience will be able to see clearly when the players are being introduced accompanying by event highlights. In addition, the overlay of different color blocks with trending visual effects, such as paper ripping and the map imagery, also create a more exciting visual effect for the live audience.
As for merchandise, aside from continuing to convey the concept of “baseball lifestyle,” a new brand concept “Blue Crew” is also introduced to the collection in order to bring fans closer to the team and let the fans know that they’re not just fans, but more like family. By blending trending design elements with lifestyle products, we hope to make Guardians a part of its fans’ daily life.
Client:富邦悍將棒球隊 Fubon Guardians Basketball
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:范姜 Fan Chiang
Design Director:董秉騫 Donz
Merchandise Director:陳進峰 Stark Chen
Project Manager:范姜 Fan Chiang/陳怡伶 Cheer Chen
Designer:陳進峰 Stark Chen/董秉騫 Donz/朱恩慶 Baco 
                    丁嘉人 Dean/藍俊錡 Cliff Lan/馮牧凡 Mu
Key Visual Design:陳進峰 Stark Chen
Merchandise Design:陳進峰 Stark Chen/藍俊錡 Cliff Lan
Styleframe:朱恩慶 Baco
Motion Design:黃春福 Josh Huang
Product Shooting:藍俊錡 Cliff Lan
Photography:博思數位影像有限公司 Canvas Taipei Studio
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