2020 TAROKO Brand Campaign - FURINKAZAN 
2019年,適逢四年一度的世界12強棒球賽,大魯閣 (Taroko Sports) 為了進一步推廣台灣棒球,挑尋了中華職棒四隊裡極具潛力的年輕球員,與沛肯攜手打造本次「風林火山」的行銷視覺,以極具爆發力的視覺包裝,與球迷一同為台灣棒球加油。 
Taroko Sports aims to promote Taiwan Baseball during the once every four years WBSC Premier 12 baseball tournament in 2019. By selecting young players with most potential from the four teams in Chinese Professional Baseball League, Taroko Sports worked with Plugin B&V to create a marketing visual of “FURINKAZAN - Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain” and an extremely electrifying packaging to show support for Taiwan baseball with the fans.
The key visual is inspired by the “Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain" from The Art of War, in which we reinterpreted  the offense and defense concept on the baseball field. The four words are now represented by 4 different rhythms from fast to slow. The overall visual is illustrated using Chinese calligraphy strokes to enhance the sports image and to show the characteristics of precision, agility and control of the players.
We hope to deliver the idea that “Sports is an exciting catalyst to keep people’s blood pumping and we strive to bring sports into everyone’s life.”
Client:大魯閣棒球壘球打擊場 Taroko Sport
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:范姜 Fan Chiang
Design Director:董秉騫 Donz
Project Manager:范姜 Fan Chiang
Designer:丁嘉人 Dean 
Photography:趙志程 Jerry Chao (Canvas Taipei)
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