2019 Victor Brand Campaign-Reday To Win
2019 年勝利羽球品牌全球視覺搭配著品牌標語「Ready to Win」的精神,我們希望能夠有別於過去充斥張力與戲劇化的運動視覺手法,嘗試透過球員內心詮釋追求勝利過程中堅定無畏的態度,不論是堅定的、自信的、愉快的、艱苦的,從球員歷經磨練的眼神中都能展露無遺,以更貼近真實感與生活感的攝影手法聚焦球員的內心故事。
A brand’s visual appearance is mainly from its self-observation. For a brand named “VICTOR” and has fifty years in history, no one is more suitable to tell a story beyond win and lose.
“Ready to Win” is the slogan for VICTOR badminton in 2019. To adapt the spirit of the motto and have a different approach from the dramatic visual style before. We try to interpret the firm and fearless attitude in the pursuit of victory by exploring each player’s inner self. Through the lens, we observe expressions: firm, confident, joy, and exhaustion in players’ eyes to focus on their minds and to recreate their true stories.
Badminton is one of the national sports with a large participation population in Taiwan. It is a rare opportunity we could explore with VICTOR in this field. Together we believe we can shape a unique badminton culture through the brand image and create sports and life attitudes that belong to this sport.
Client:勝利體育 Victor Sport
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Manager:張菊芳 Jil Chang
Designer:賴殷偉 Ray Lai/卓宥杰 Saku Cho
                    林瑋恩 Weien Lim
Photography:Chocobie Tsai (WE R THE CATCHER)
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