2019 TOP SPEED Volleyball Club - SPEED BEYOND
2018年,極速超跑企業女子排球隊甫成立,極速超跑保險集團 (Top Speed Group)將賽車場上的速度與熱情,投注入排球領域,延攬多位擁有國手資歷的選手及新生代排球之星一同加入,迅速打造有實力與列強抗衡的優秀陣容,在參與TVL企業排球聯賽第一年,便激盪出叫人為之驚艷的火花。 
第二年季初,以「Speed Beyond」為年度口號出發,「Speed」象徵球隊快速進攻的節奏,「Beyond」是不斷追求突破的企圖心。在這次年度形象視覺運用賽道、流線、方格旗等賽車元素,並導入象徵熱情的紅,球員們衝刺、扣擊等進攻動作結合透視光線速度感,如同奔馳中的紅色跑車,意味著球員們齊心向前、全速朝著勝利之路邁進。 
歷經高潮迭起的一季洗禮,極速超跑女排並未停歇,進而持續磨練基本功,培養合作無間的默契,透過這股紅色閃電般的力量,以「Speed Beyond」的精神,展現球員們追求勝利之決心,蓄勢待發迎接新賽季。
Top Speed Women Volleyball Team is established in 2018 by Top Speed Group. By extending the racing track's speed and passion into the volleyball court, the team soon attracts national team players and young volleyball stars to join and form an excellent lineup with competitiveness. In the first year of participating in the TVL (Top Volleyball League), the team already shows great potential and ambition.
At the beginning of the 2019 season, "Speed ​​Beyond" was introduced as the annual team slogan. "Speed" symbolized the team's rapid attack rhythm. "Beyond" was an attempt to pursue breakthroughs continuously. We adapted race track, streamline, checkered flag, and other motor racing elements as the key visual elements with the team color red to reflect the team's passion. Players' sprints, spikes, and other offensive actions are composed like red sports cars at full throttle with a sense of perspective and speed of light visualized the players' desire to move forward at full speed together towards victory.
Client:哲銨整合行銷有限公司 Top Speed Insurance Group
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:范姜 Fan Chiang
Design Director:董秉騫 Donz
Project Manager:陳怡伶 Cheer Chen
Designer:朱恩慶 Baco/胡剛郡 Kenji Hu
Art Direction:朱恩慶 Baco
Photography:趙志程 Jerry Chao (Canvas Taipei)
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