2019 LP SUPPORT Product Branding
再次與 LP SUPPORT 專業運動防護品牌合作,此次 LP 從產品角度出發,提出更創新的防護解決方案,透過護具與肌貼搭配而成的配套、數據化的痛點提醒,有效且準確的針對不同運動項目進行防護強化。

Once again, Plugin has worked with LP SUPPORT, the leading brand in the sports medicine category and the professional technical sports protective wear industry.
From the product point of view, LP has proposed a more innovative protective solution through the pairing of body protection equipment and the taping products, the data-driven analyzing for the aching points, to effectively and accurately targeted protection in different sports.
To echo and to visualize this subject, Plugin B&V took professional sports photography as an approach to show the user scenarios under various sports. From the photoshoot planning, model casting, styling, lighting, etc., we all took the highest standard and looked into every detail to match with LP’s status as a leading global brand. Through the challenging but exciting process of the initial back and forward discussions with the client, the setting of exact poses for the shots, the directing of models, and the communicating with the photography team, we have finally achieved a successful and satisfying result.
Client:威亘企業有限公司 LP Support 
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Manager:張菊芳 Jil Chang
Designer:卓宥杰 Saku Cho/林瑋恩 Weien Lim
                   黃英凱 Daviz Huang/謝秉融 Pinho Hsieh
                   吳秉誠 Bing Wu 
Stylist:張菊芳 Jil Chang
Casting:怡萱 Yihsuan
Photography:Chocobie Tsai  (WE R THE CATCHER)
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