Crown Collection 2019 By VICTOR
很榮幸沛肯再次操刀戴資穎 2019 專屬賽服設計。
延續了一代 Crown Collection 的賽服設計,此次二代的風格更為簡約、俐落,以現代復古風為主軸,從賽服設計出發,將核心概念更完整延伸至休閒服,讓整體系列感更加完整。顏色上精心選用了復古流行的波特酒紅為主色,布料開發上也特別與台灣紡織廠合作,以超細纖維緹花布料編織出二代的專屬圖騰,除了提升布料的吸濕排汗與透氣性,也讓賽服更輕量與柔軟。
非常期待 2019 專屬賽服能為戴資穎在國際大賽上帶來更好的表現,展現球后之姿!

It is a great honor for Plugin B&V to once again commissioned to design Tai Tzu-ying's 2019 exclusive uniform series.
Inheriting the visual elements of the first Crown Collection, the second series is going in a sharp and minimal direction. Taking the modern retro style as the design principle, we started from the design of the game jersey then extended the concept to the full casual wear series to have a more consistent look for the entire series. The port-wine red color is carefully assigned as the primary color to give a vintage yet fashionable look and feel. We also worked with a top textile supplier in Taiwan to develop an exclusive microfiber jacquard fabric with Crown Collection series two patterns, so the textile is not only lighter, softer, and moisture-wicking but also has more design details.
To create and show both the sporty and fashionable image for the Crown Collection sports casual series, we took not only the studio shots but also location photography through traditional film and digital cameras. We also invite Tai Tzu-ying’s lovable Grandma to take pictures with her to show Tai’s self and attitude off the court.
We are looking forward to seeing Tai Tzu-ying playing in the 2019 exclusive Crown Collection uniforms and have a more exceptional performance in the international competitions.
Client:勝利體育 Victor Sport
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Manager:張菊芳 Jil Chang
Designer:賴殷偉 Ray Lai/張菊芳 Jil Chang 
                    林瑋恩 Weien Lim
Photography:Chocobie Tsai (WE R THE CATCHER)​​​​​​​
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