2019-2020 SBL Brand Campaign - FIGHT TOGETHER
As the highest basketball palace in Taiwan, SBL is also the birth of many talented Taiwanese players who are currently playing on the world stage. Even after going from selling out every single game to cutting down the total number of teams and falling into decline in game watchers due to recent changes in the basketball scene, it is still there despite all the ups and downs with its fans. 
At the beginning of its 17th season in the year 2019-2020. The league aimed to call out basketball fans to support the players and Taiwan basketball with the slogan “Fight Together.”
The annual key visual uses flags with various colors representing each team. With images of confident looking players and the lighting gleaming through the court, we set the scene of players gearing up and fighting for a place in the league but also fighting for Taiwan Basketball at the same time. Besides the flags, we transformed the entire league and took it to the next level by optimizing the logos and visual images as well as reconstructing the court layout and trophies. We created a new look for the league with the color choice of sophisticated black and luxurious gold representing the highest honor.
Client:展逸國際行銷 Flight International Marketing
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:范姜 Fan Chiang
Design Director:董秉騫 Donz
Project Manager:陳怡伶 Cheer Chen
Designer:馮牧凡 Mu 
Motion Graphic Design:黃春福 Josh Huang​​​​​​​
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