2018 Nike JDI Campaign-Retail Design
2018 年夏天,Nike Taiwan 發表「不客氣了」品牌宣言,以台灣人的個性普遍太客氣的角度,
希望激勵人們拋開框架,展現上了場就「不客氣了」的 Just Do It 態度。
此次沛肯受邀負責 NEO19 Nike 品牌體驗店內的「不客氣了」專屬展示空間規劃,目標透過實體空間將「不客氣了」 一體兩面的精神融入其中,也藉此機會為亞運參賽的選手們打氣,所以整體規劃上選用了代表國家隊的藍紅色調,並藉由藍紅兩色對比兩種態度,運用人台、材質與動作的設定,呼應場下客氣謙虛與場上不客氣姿態。希望能夠讓消費者對這次專屬台灣的「不客氣了」精神感到印象深刻。
In the summer of 2018, Nike Taiwan released the "Excuse me" campaign to inspire the Taiwanese people to put aside the courteous personality stereotype to be competitive on the field to show the "Just do it" attitude. 
Plugin B&V was invited to be in charge of the Nike NEO19 Concept Store "Excuse me" exclusive display space planning. In order to take this opportunity to cheer for the Taiwan national team players who compete in the Asian Games and to show both sides of the "Excuse me" spirit. We adapted the blue and red color scheme of the national team with the settings of mannequins' materials and poses to show both the modesty off the field and the aggressiveness on the field. Our goal is through the physical space and displays, we could impress the consumers with the exclusive "Excuse me" spirit of Taiwanese people.
Client:必爾斯藍基股份有限公司 Nike Taiwan
Production:沛肯品牌視覺行銷 Plugin B&V
Director:賴殷偉 Ray Lai
Project Manager:林思妤 Sandy Lin
Designer:黃春福 Josh Huang​​​​​​​
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